Voice Production for Your Business

The human voice… even in today’s world of E-Mail, text messaging, and other electronic means of contact, it’s still the primary means of communications.

Many of your customers’ first exposure to your business will be an initial phone call. Thus, it is important you make a good impression by having a professional, well-delivered voice at the other end of the line. This first impression could make or break your sale.

Don’t leave your voice production needs up to your secretary or receptionist who is recording using a speakerphone with lots of background noise! Instead, choose a highly-trained, professional voice to greet your callers.

I can create professional voice recordings for your business (or home), and at affordable rates. Unlike many companies who compromise the audio quality of your recorded product by compressing it before sending it to you, I will deliver your final product in 44.1kHz WAV format. You can then convert it to any format of your choosing. This is suitable for loading into newer, HD-Voice enabled telephone systems and achieving the full possible quality.


Before choosing voice talent for your business, it’s a very good idea to listen to some of their previous work. This will give you an idea of how that talent sounds in various situations. Here are some samples of my voice work in both the telephone and broadcast industry: Broadcast Work 100 Days 100 Dollars …

Voice Production Pricing

I offer very affordable rates for voice production pricing. Non-profits (501c3) and some other charitable organizations may be eligible for discounted rates. Radio/Television Commercial Rates Local Commercial (up to :60) $175 Regional Commercial (up to :60) $250 National Commercial (up to :60) $800 Public Service Announcement (up to :60) $150 Telephone Audio Rates IVR Menu …