About Me


Hi! As you probably have already figured out by now, my name is Jeremy Gault. I am a master of many things when it comes to technology…

First of all, I’ve been an FCC-licensed Amateur Radio operator (KD4NED) since 1992. I currently hold a General Class License.

Second, I am a small business owner. In 2009, several of us started Voiceopia Communications, specializing in VoIP solutions for business and residential use. VoIP is definitely the way of the future, as even AT&T is abandoning the old POTS infrastructure and moving customers over to VoIP, according to letters some have received recently.

A few things I’m proficient in (and then some):

  • Telecom Engineering
  • Broadcast Engineering
  • Audio/Video Production
  • Voice-over work (Commercials / Phone Systems)
  • Networking
  • Linux
  • Radio/Television Broadcasting

In addition to my primary work as a telecom engineer, I do some side work in broadcasting at Mix 104.1 and Talk 101.3 The Buzz. This includes daily newscasts, obituaries, as well as a one-hour show that can be heard from 12-1PM Eastern on Mix 104.1. I also handle production of some commercials as well as all customer IVRs/announcements for Voiceopia phone customers.

That’s about it for now — maybe one day soon I’ll update this page and make it a little neater. Until then, just follow me on Facebook or Twitter. Or E-Mail me: jeremy (at) jeremygault (dot) com.

Rock on.